I Love a Parade !!

Only three of us were available and hearty enough to brave warm sticky weather and participate in Darlington’s Canoe Festival Parade.  But what a time we had!  It was easier than I expected and what a JOY seeing the children’s faces light up as they were given small American Flags to wave for our home town heroes.  I didn’t even notice the weather as they and the adults in the area seemed to genuinely appreciate our efforts.  We learned that we don’t have to get there as early as we did.  We gave out 250 flags but could have easily used 500.  We could have a nice picnic lunch in the cool shade of the park before the parade.

This could be an every other year service project…  Or we can do this at other area community events…

May 5-7  Bloody Lake Rendezvous

I highly recommend visiting this wonderful historical event in Lafayette County.  The location is Black Hawk Memorial Park — also the site of one of the DAR markers placed by our original chapter, the Rhoda Hinsdale Chapter of Shullsburg, from which our chapter grew.  The Rendezvous is a gathering of friends and history enthusiasts including pioneer structures, traders, music, and black powder gun shooting, tomahawk throwing, and archery.  There are activities for children and adults.  And shopping!  I was able to obtain fabric for a colonial sewing project there, and plan to wear it to show the seller.  I also hope to bring my grandchildren who will surely enjoy it.

Bloody Lake Rendezvous May 7-8 Woodford

Mark your calendar for a fun event you may enjoy:  The Bloody Lake Rendezvous is an annual event held at the Lafayette County Park where the DAR memorial was placed marking the Battle of the Pecatonica during the Black Hawk Indian War.  It’s quite close to Woodford, and Argyle.

It is a historical rendezvous encampment.  You will feel transported.

Visitors love to meander through the tents, smell the wood fires, and hear the black powder rifles shot.  You can watch (or join in with) costumed participants compete at tomahawk throw, or archery, and browse trader’s tents.

I’m going for sure and probably in costume!

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Wisconsin State Conference April 28 – 30 Wauwatosa

This year at Wisconsin’s State Conference, our DAR President General, Lynn Forney Young will attend!  If you received a copy of the Wisconsin Winter 2016 Newsletter via email, you know that some special outings have been arranged that all are welcome to attend.  Check the newsletter for how to register and make travel arrangements.

We’ll get details on the schedule and how to register for the conference in early March and forward all the news to members by email.  Prospective members and guests can also attend.

The location is west of Milwaukee.  A group from our chapter is organizing a car pool to attend for the day on Friday April 29.  It’s a great opportunity to meet DAR ladies from all over Wisconsin, and dress up to visit with national level DAR.  Also returning home that evening means no worries about overnight accomodations.

If you want more information on the conference or car pool contact Barb, or use the “contact us” form on this website.

Help DAR Set a World Record!

DAR is attempting to set a world record for sending letters to active military personnel.  Check out the specific instructions at the DAR web page:  www.dar.org/WorldRecord.

If you would like to help, write your letters and bring them to our April Meeting at Pizza Hut in Monroe.  We’ll put them together and get them to the Wisconsin State Conference.  The letters will be hand delivered from Wisconsin to Washington DC for Continental Congress.

An Exciting Start to 2016!

Our Chapter started 2016 in an enjoyable way by meeting for brunch at Partridge Hall in Argyle in January to brainstorm service project ideas.

In February we built on that, at the first regular meeting of the year, with talk of projects we can assist on the State and National DAR level, our own service project, and initial plans for a Chapter outing over the summer.  An email with specifics and reminders will go to all Chapter members.

The 2016 Calendar for the chapter is in our new yearbook and it’s full of opportunities for fun, education, and meaningful service.  Check the Calendar page for event details.